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Kevin Purdy

Prior to Symmetry, Scott worked in home improvement for 11 years. His journey with Symmetry started in 2015. The problem he had in his previous career was that it demanded a lot of his time and he lacked control.

What Scott loves about working with Symmetry is that it is an activity business. The more time you put into it, the more you will earn and the more families you can help. Scott also values the ability to help other people duplicate his success by showing them the process and coaching them to ownership and growth.

Scott says he is a stubborn person in the sense that he won't do something unless he feels it is 100% the best choice for him and his family. He was waiting for something external to help him make that decision before he connected with his mentor Kevin Purdy about Symmetry.

Scott considers himself a person who is just working the system and on a journey, helping people and helping himself  along the way.

“When it comes to relationships, Symmetry is just a people business and understanding that what we do changes lives and what I can do for another agent that wants to change their life... that makes me feel good”
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