Esther Carlson

Regional Agency Director

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Scottt Summers

My favorite thing about building my agency is seeing other people who have worked so hard and built so much find a company that appreciates them and their gifts. Symmetry was built by people that are looking out for agents’ futures - the entire system is set up to take care of the builder, the care-giver, and the hard worker. You just need to stay focused and be coachable.

What I look forward to in the future with Symmetry is spending more time with the new friends I am fortunate to have met and worked with so far.

It’s so refreshing to be part of a team that holds out the best for you. What a cool job to work with people that like what you like and want to work for it. “Have fun and get stuff done!”

As a new agent, what Barbara found most helpful was working with her mentor, George, and following the system that SFG has established. She attributes her success to following the system, putting in the activity, and relying on her mentor for guidance. Way to go, Barbara!

Watch this brief interview about Esther‘s story.

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Phone: (915) 300-5002
Sarasota, FL

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